Protective Key Cover

The first professional solution for protecting cars with contactless technology
Think about security now, tomorrow it will be too late.

Protective Key Cover

Protective Key Cover is a luxury leather key cover that comes in more than 20 different sizes to perfectly fit your cars key. It is made with the finest leather, black velvet and two layers of metallised fabric to ensure hackers, thief’s and hijackers do not have access to the radio signal of the key. The key is kept secure and safe inside the case by magnets, giving the case a clean finish.

Luxury design and easy to use, Protective Key Cover will be an indispensable anti-theft accessory for car owners with keyless start or keyless entry. In addition, a gift wrapped wooden box made from ash-tree and finished with laser engraving makes the Protective Key Cover an ideal gift for every driver.

Advantages of the protective key cover Protective Key Cover

No need for installation and maintenance
Cheaper than all popular anti-theft systems
High reliability due to high quality metallised fabric
international guarantee
1 year international warranty (valid anywhere in the world)
Modern design, an ideal gift to any driver
Design patent
A patent for the design of the radio insulation of our case in Ukraine and 3 more countries
Absolute Guarantee
In the event of a cover failure - instant (1-2 business days) replacement with a new one without explanation from you
Can be purchased at official car dealerships
The official car dealerships currently don’t stock anything in the UK


Every cover has a package of documents included, they are:

  • A passport for the product
  • A club card membership card
  • Instructions
  • International warrantee

The packaging is made from a single piece of Italian tanned leather of natural tanning (top quality). For its assembly uses Italian, full-weight fittings. Packing is assembled by hand.

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Everyday in the media there are between 5 to 11 news stories about car thefts with keyless entry.

Order the protective key cover today and give the thefts a surprise!
does not require installation and maintenance
cheaper than any known method of protection against theft
a perfect gift to any car owner with non-contact access
made of the best materials

Recommended retail price - 3000 UAH


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